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Hi. I am Fran Griffin, BSc (Hons) Psyche and Behavioural Sciences moved to Carmarthenshire from Milton Keynes where I had been living and working for 30 years as a dog trainer and canine behaviourist. I am really excited to bring to Carmathenshire the training programme and methods which made me one of the most successful trainers in the area during my time there.

Methods which empower you to success. Transformational for your dog, and which are games based, which means there is so much fun for both you and your dog.

There is a great deal of mental stimulation for your dog and a lot of advice and really useful tips for you too along the way.
I am so passionate about understanding how dogs learn that I obtained a BSc (Hons) in psychology and behavioural science, so that I have developed an all round holistic approach to training and dealing with behavioural problems.Over the years I have also attended courses run by some of the
best trainers and behavioural experts from around the world, and continue to keep abreast of the latest ideas in the field.  My latest course has been with Absolute Dogs in Devon, and I am now proud to be one of their certificated Pro Dog Trainers.

I am currently owned by 3 Irish Setters, two Red and Whites and one Red.
All 3 have competed and won in various dog sports including competition obedience and agility. Above all they are well trained family pets who are a joy to live with.

I really look forward to sharing with the people of Glanamman, Ammanford in Carmarthenshire the things I have learned over the years, and empowering you to having a great new relationship with your dog which is based on understanding, teaching and fun.

St. Trainians - Guiding you through every step along the way the way

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