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Puppy Life Skills in Glanamman

My puppy training classes are held at Glanamman Community Education Centre, Glanamman, Ammanford. Carmarthenshire  SA18 1DX,

Are you passionate about wanting to learn how to train your new puppy?  Do you enjoy interacting and playing games with your puppy and have time to invest in playing the amazing training games which can lead you towards a truly awesome relationship for life?  If you are - then this is the course for you.  If you aren't then this is probably not the place for you to come. The course consists of of 6 consecutive sessions which are packed full of fun, advice and complete support to help you gain the dog you want her to become.

Class sizes are small so that everyone receives personal attention. They are very relaxed too.

Puppy Life Skills Course includes: how to deal with play biting, toilet training, the myths of pack leadership and how to develop a good rapport with your puppy. Effective communication and how to prevent serious bites, jumping up, chewing, digging, socialization and any other puppy problem you may be encountering. You will also be given advice on nutrition, as some of the things we are feeding our puppies can and do cause behavioural issues.

Basic concepts of : Sit, lie down, stand, come when called, walking on a loose lead, leave food, settle down on a mat, bed of cage, impulse control and distraction training, and how you can easily incorporate these basic exercises into your everyday living. You will learn lots about how your dog actually learns and some people find this an amazing experience.

Available courses:

Sunday 4th March at 11.30am - Puppies and young adult dogs with no prior training.  This course is ful.

 Tuesday 13th March
Puppies and young adult dogs with no prior training.  The complete puppy training course. This course covers everything puppy, from play biting, potty training through to lead walking, jumping up, recalls, nutrition and much much more besides, reward and games based conceptual learning.  £60 for 6 sessions. Places available.
All learning is through training games which empower you to teach your dog great behaviours.  You and your dog are guaranteed to learn lots! If you would like to book, come and view a session,  or speak to us first please do contact us.
Classes held at Glanamman Community Education Centre, Glanamman, Ammanford,  Carmarthenshire SA18 1DX
If you to miss a session during the course for genuine reasons then a catch up session can be arranged at a mutually convenient day/time.

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