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Adult and Young Adult Dogs

Boost your relationship with your dog to new levels of understanding with our basic dog obedience course at Glanamman Community Centre, Glanamman, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire,

Are you passionate about wanting to learn how to train your dog?  Do you enjoy interacting with him and have the time to play the awesome training games which can lead to out and out transformation? If so, this is the place for you.  If not, then this is probably not the best place for you.  The training course consists of 6 consecutive sessions which are packed full of learning, fun, confidence building for those in need of confidence, and calming for those who are just plain boisterous.

This course suitable for dogs who are deemed "naughty but nice" but not suitable for dogs who are aggressive towards people or other dog, as bringing these issues into a class situation could potentially make matters far worse, therefore a different approach is available.  Please email or call for further information. Sessions are divided into simple steps which are achievable for dogs and humans. They are fun, motivating and incredibly mentally stimulating. Not only that, as you apply what you learn they have the potential to become plain transformation.

Class sizes are small. A maximum of 6 dogs in each class so that everyone receives personal attention. Some sessions will be held indoors (if the weather is bad), but outdoors whenever possible, just to make things as practical and situational as possible.Basic dog training covered include: Sit, lie down, stand, come when called, walking on a loose lead, leave food, settle down on a mat, bed of cage, impulese control and distraction training,  and how you can easily incorporate these basic exercises into your every day routines. You will learn lots about how your dog actually learns and some people find this an incredible experience. If you have a naughty but nice dog and would like to speak to me before enrolling on the course, or even to come and view a session,  please do give me a call on 01269 267079 or click on the contact form to email us.

Next available courses:

We have a list of people waiting for courses in January. We are also going to be offering online courses for people who are unable to attend in 2018. If you would like to be added to the list, please message, or call me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, with details of your dog, what you are hoping to achieve and your preferred day, which will either be a Sunday at 11.00am  Monday/Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm. I will contact you beginning/mid December as soon as the dates are confirmed.

please call 01269267079 or message via the contact form.

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